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Snow Riding

Why stop riding when the snow flies? For Rough Riders like Joe Crews winter riding is a way of life. Joe not only rides the local snowy mountain bike trails, he can also be seen commuting in winter from Golden to Denver. Snow riding can be great fun, but carries its own set of risks. Before venturing out visit the great web resources (upper right) to learn more. See more pictures of Rough Riders in snow on South Table Mountain including Joe Crews, Paul Quaiser, Brian Posewitz, Andres Parra, Caitria Remington & Iain Remington.

Special Bikes
Snow riding may simply mean adding big knobbies or studded snow tires to your all-rounder and donning winter clothing. But if you live in an area with consistent deep snow, one of the specially made bikes like this Surly Pugsley might make sense.

Bikes with Skis
For those lucky enough to live near a ski area, a bike with skis may be a great choice.

Web Resources

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Snow Bikes

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Ski Bikes

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