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Fall River Mixed Randonee

Rising high in Rocky Mountain National Park, this route should not be taken lightly. This is one of the big routes in Colorado. Much of this route is above timberline at high altitude. It may be hot at the bottom and snowing at the top. So be prepared.

After paying an entrance fee, head to Horseshoe Park and park. Head up Old Fall River Road a one way dirt road. Watch out for the tourist cars, although they are going slow due to the many switchbacks and steep grades. You will go slow too.

Although the climb seems endless, you will eventually reach the Alpine Visitor's Center. The center is a good place for a snack and beverage. Kick back and enjoy the flat land tourists. On a recent Colorado Rough Rider trip we had one nice lady ask if we were using oxygen. We smiled and said: "No, but we wish we were".

Past the visitor's center the road is paved and changes to Trail Ridge Road, the highest continous highway in the United States. Don't get discouraged but the high point has not been reached yet. Head up hill on Trail Ridge Road for about a mile to the high point around 12,183 ft above sea level. The road continues along high alpine rolling terrain for several miles before steeply descending to Hidden Valley.

After Hidden Valley continue as the road changes to Fall River Road. Turn left at the junction and head back to Horseshoe Park. Get in the car and head to Estes Park Brewery because you've earned a beer.

Route Information

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Bikers on Fall River Road

Historic photo showing one of Fall River Road's many switchbacks

The Alpine Visitor's Center

Elevation 12,000 ft above sea level