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Club Mountain+Cross Races

Mountain+cross is essentially mixed terrain racing in the mountains. Also called alpine+cross, courses usually feature natural alpine obstacles requiring a racer to dismount and carry or haul the bike for short sections. Obstacles range from small cliff bands and steep sections to rivers and glaciers. The more extreme forms of the sport requires mountaineering and climbing skills as well as alternative bicycle hauling techniques.

Like cyclocross,
mountain+cross is staged on a course offering a variety of terrain and obstacles. Cyclocross is a flat-lander sport with short hills and human made barriers. Courses may be on dirt paths and grass. Laps on relatively short courses are also the norm.

Mountain+cross in contrast relies on alpine topography and natural obstacles. Climbing long steep hills is often included. Courses include pavement, dirt road, single track and just about any trail surface available in the mountains. Courses are usually longer and may include laps or one time around. On occasion, start and ending are not the same location.

Mountain+Cross Duathlons
The mountain+cross aesthetic can be applied to dual mountain sports. Some of the recent duathlons being contemplated by the Colorado Rough Riders are:

  • Biking & Skiing
  • Biking & Climbing
  • Biking & Hiking

Mountain+Cross Obstacle Courses
Another form of mountain+cross is the alpine obstacle course. These short, specialized course emphasize travel over obstacles and can be very entertaining to watch.