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In Search of the All-Rounder
Mixed terrain touring or rough riding requires a bike equally proficient on all surfaces encountered. Called an "all-rounder", these bikes must easily handle dirt road or single track. But unlike mountain bikes, an all-rounder must also be fast and nimble on pavement.

Long distances are common when riding rough, so a comfortable riding position is critical. Weight is also important since climbing and bike hauling (on one's back) are both likely here in Colorado. The perfect all-rounder can even carry moderate loads for the occasional bivouac. Of course any bike meeting these needs is likely a good commuter or general urban ride.

Current technology is quite versatile making it easer than ever to create a great bike for mixed terrain travel. Learn more about creating an all-rounder by visiting the Tech Help side bar at right. Or scroll below for a few examples of all-rounder bikes. The Colorado Rough Riders meets informally as needed for all-rounder build-up seminars. If interested, let us know.

A few examples of all-rounders

Below are a few all-rounder bicycles specifically suited for rough riding in the mountains:

Rawland Cycle's Drakkar
is a nice all-rounder for mixed terrain touring in Colorado. Complete Review

A Rivendell Cycle Works' Sam Hillborne was recently built by Rough Rider Joe Crews. Rivendell has long been known for sturdy all-rounders and touring bikes. Stay tuned for a review.

Mountain Bikes can make good all-rounders. Newer suspension mountain bikes don't work as well. But this old non-suspension mountain bike makes a good all-rounder with modifications by Todd Remington. Learn more about converting a mountain bike into an all-rounder.

Tech Help

Rawland Drakkar Review
Building a new All-Rounder
Converting an Old MTB

Converting a Road Bike