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In Search of the All-Rounder
Before discussing features that make a great all-rounder bike, a discussion of what an all-rounder bike must do is important. All-rounder riding takes many forms.

Riding Rough
The ultimate Rough Rider all-rounder provides efficient transportation for a variety of mixed terrain and surfaces. Whether Alpine Touring or Mountain Cross racing, this bike must handle easily on dirt road or single track and pavement. Long distances are common when riding rough, but weight is important for climbing and the occasional bike haul over obstacles. Rough Riders sometimes carry moderate loads well. Of course a bike that meets these needs will likey be a good all-rounder for commuting and other general riding.

  • Efficient for traveling on a variety of mixed terrrain and surfaces
  • Good climber
  • Easy to carry over apline obstacles
  • Comfortable for longer distances in rough terrain
  • Able to carry moderate loads

All-rounder Bike Features
Building an all-rounder can that handles riding rough may seem like a daunting task. But current bicycle technology likely provides the most versatile design platform available. It should be remembered that all-rounder design is a balance of sometimes competing concerns.

Rawland's Drakkar
is a great example of a new generation of bikes designed for Rough Riding. Ultimately, any real all-rounder is best built up from a frame. Rawland sells frames only.

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