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Bicycle Advocacy
Yes, bikes can save the world! Imagine if everyone in America road a bike whenever possible instead of hopping in the car. Not only would our energy consumption drop significantly, we'd be a much healthier (and happier) nation.

Two projects the Colorado Rough Riders are looking into are the Safe Routes to School Program for Maple Grove Elementary School in Golden and the South Table Mountain bike trail system being developed by Jefferson County Open Space. Another project we are interested in is a bike lane for West 32nd Avenue from Golden to Wheatridge.

The Colorado Rough Riders believe everyone who rides should get involved with spreading the word about the benefits of bicycles. Not sure where you can get started? Below is a list of ways to get involved.

Promote Healthy Active Kids
Bicycle Colorado's Safe Routes to School program or the National Center for Safe Routes is a good place to get involved if you have kids and want to promote riding to school. With America's current obesity epidemic, programs like these are becoming more important.

Fight for Bike Friendly & Safe Communities

Here in the Colorado Front Range many communities have become bike friendly. Boulder and Golden stand out as examples of bike friendly towns. However, there still remains a clash of cultures between automobiles and bikes. Even these communities need more advocates for bike paths and safe routes. For those interested in getting involved contacting your local government is a good place to start. There are also national organizations to the right under "Web Resources" worth visiting.

Help Build and Maintain Bike Trails

There are many opportunities to get involved with trail building and maintenance. In the Golden area visit the Jefferson County Open Space website. In Boulder it's the Boulder County Open Space website. Or check you local county or city goverment websites. On occasion there are state and federal opportunities, so don't forget to check those governments also.

Promote Earth Friendly Transportation
You can help save the earth by promoting bicycle travel to the general community. Consider getting involved with one of the many programs offered through the organizations whose links are at the right bar.

Help Others Obtain & Maintain Bikes
Cooperatives and collectives have sprung up in most communities that provide inexpensive shops and maintenance help to locals. Organizations like the Derailluer Bicycle Collective in Denver, Bike Against Collective or the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op in Fort Collins, Community Cycles in Boulder all need support.

Several organizations specialize in recycling old bikes. Recycle Bicycles, The Bike Depot, The Golden Optimists, Bicycle Longmont, are Colorado organizations that repairs and redistributes bikes to inner city shelters, housing projects and schools. Theye always need new bikes and people able to fix these bikes.

Advance Biking Science & Technology
For those of us in technical and scientific professions, why not work towards integrating your work life with your bicycle hobby. Why not dive deeper into the mysteries of the bicycle. Who knows, you may discover a way to make bike travel even more efficient, safe or versatile. At a minimum you will likely make your own bike and life a little better.

Use Your Bike as Ambasador & Catalyst
As a bike enthusiast always be thinking of ways to use your bike as an ambasador and catalyst for change. That includes being a good citizen and riding responsibly. But it also includes doing what you can to help others get started with biking.

Web Resources

Alliance for Biking & Walking
American Bikes
Bicycle Fixation
Bicycle Plan Source
Bikes Belong
International Bicycle Fund
Ken Kifer on Advocacy
League of Bicyclists
Rails to Trails
Safe Routes to School

Colorado Organizations

Bicycle Aurora
Bicycle Colorado
Bike Denver
Bike Jeffco
Boulder Area Trails Coalition
Boulder County Open Space
Colorado Heartcycle
Front Range Cycling Club
Jeffco Open Space
Medicine Wheel

Colorado Cooperatives

CC Bicycle Cooperative
Community Cycles
Bike Against Collective
Derailluer Bicycle Collective
Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op