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Colorado Rough Rider rides and events are unsupported. But what do you expect with mixed terrain touring? Below is a list of our most popular events.

The Quadruple Bypass
(AKA: The Century from Hell)
This is definitely one of the toughest mixed terrain day rides in the world. Are you ready to test your limits?

The Mount Evans Alpine Challenge

Climb up the steep road to the top of Mount Evans, one of Colorado's 14,000 ft. peaks. This is truly a difficult climb. The movie "American Flyer" features this route as the finale (but ends before the top). Closed in winter, the next Rough Rider trip will be in July once the road is cleared.

Fall River Mixed Randonee
This is a big ride. Much of this route is above timberline. Closed in winter, the next Rough Rider trip will be in June once the road is cleared.

Breck-Taos Alpine Tour

An alpine tour from Breckenridge, Colorado to Taos, New Mexico. This route includes single track, dirt roads, old back trails and pavement. Much of the route is at high altitude, some exceeding 12,000 ft and takes approximately 5 days to complete. The trip is typically planned for late August/ early September.

Buffalo Bill Rough Rider Tour
Ever heard of Lookout Mountain overlooking Golden, Colorado? Yes, Buffalo Bill is buried on top of this majestic peak. Lookout Mountain has a classic road climb, but also some very nice single track. The Colorado Rough Riders link single track with pavement for a fun mixed route. The route is often ridable throughout winter months. Contact the Colorado Rough Riders for ride schedules.

TM Mountain+Cross

North and South Table Mountain near Golden, Colorado offer great mixed terrain routes. These routes are often ridable throughout winter months providing mountain+cross racing throughout the year. Contact the Colorado Rough Riders for ride and race schedules.


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